Questions I've been pondering on for awhile

Jul 09, 2009
Hi, I've had several questions that I really want answers to. I'm not expecting an immediate response, but I think it'd be fun to share the ideas that I've had for quite awhile. Perhaps others have the same questions or theories I do.

1. Was there a time that Monkey King wasn't going to be a storyline companion? What makes me ask this? Well, Monkey King seems like an odd ball compared to all the other storyline companions. For starters, before the MB/AQ update he didn't speak in battle at all. He has no powers, nor does he have a fancy critical animation like all the other melee storyline companions.

2. Was Argos going to be a storyline companion? I ask this because we recruited Catbeard who played a big role in the story and also went to El Dorado, just like Argos. Argos also has some dialogue in the story after we've chained the gates to the Labyrinth. He has three different critical strike animations for Super, Mega, and Epic and in general would of made perfect sense to join the storyline crew. Did the budget just not allow for him to become one, or was there another reason?

3. I have a hunch, and I think I know the answer to this question, but I have a huge urge to ask.

Deacon() is a Musketeer, Rooke() is a Buccaneer, Bishop()is a Witchdoctor. Would I be correct in assuming that Kane is a Privateer (being the leader of the Armada), the female clockwork (is her name Desdemona?) is a Swashbuckler, and Phule is also a Witchdoctor?

Bishop is more a Technomancer than he is a Witchdoctor, using artificial after all. So could Phule be a real Witchdoctor, since he has a wand. Could that be what makes him the odd ball of Kane's inner court? Using real Hoodoo?

Thanks for your time. :)