Question for Ratbeard : Spooky Talent

Nov 18, 2012
The Spooky talent's description is '+X% Power effects'. My question is, what powers does it refer to? I know it affects heals and spooky weapons, but what exactly do classes other than witchdoctors have to gain from learning it? Specifically musketeers. I recently learned it on my grand musket because I heard that it affects traps (and I didn't have anything better to do with my practice points).

2.) How does it affect Wing Chun? I had him learn Tough, Rough, Spirited, and Spooky all up to level 3. The Spooky talent along with Spirited will boost the effectiveness of his heal but in what other ways will it benefit him?

Thanks for answering.

Nikita Devereaux Lvl 50

If the power you are activating uses the weapon in your hand (for example, Mighty Charge) then its damage will be based on your weapon damage, and boosting your weapon damage will also improve that power.

For all the other powers that don't use your weapon, Spooky will boost that damage.

Spooky will also boost healing, so Wing Chun would benefit in that respect.