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Question For One-Eyed Jack - Spiral Dates

Community Leader
Jack I'm trying to learn about dates for Captain's Logs. Generally the dates are based on year/month/day. But I've read that there are variations to that. So before I make assumptions about the Spiral Dates, I thought I'd simply ask.

Can you explain your method behind the Spiral Dates in the Captian's Log?
For instance, the most recent date in your log is: 416381

Greatly appreciate the chance to learn something new.
~ Springwolf

The Spiral Dates are just one of those strange mysteries of The Spiral

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Community Leader
LOL - Thank you. I know what that means.

Maybe we fans can help out with the Pirate story here then. There's enough Pioneer Pirates running around to give something back to KI.

After doing some research Pirates have been active since, what the encyclopedia calls ancient times. A large number of Pirate Captian's became famous in the 15th century, with William Kyd, Jean Fleury (Florin) and Captain Barbarossa being some of the most notorious.

Piracy didn't really get booming until the 17th and 18th Centuries with the migration of the New World from Europe. With infamous pirates like Thomas Cavendish, Peter Love, Simon Danziker, Frances Drake (The Dragon), James Lancaster, John Nutt, Lancelot Blackburne, Black Ceasar and the most notable of them all Blackbeard (Edward Teach) himself!

But one thing about the pirates of the middle ages and beyond; they didn't sail in the skyways. Being old, I remember a time when we were promised flying cars by the year 2000. When we were told interstellar travel would be possible by 2010. I "want" my flying car! Yeah it's disappointing. But, we're talking pirates here.

I think I'll set my Spiral in the year 4100. A nice round number that (in it's humble way) also keeps your One-Eyed Jack's Captian's logs in context. There could be flying pirates by 4100. Why not!

The year is 4100 and the Armada is at war! least that's what I'm going with.