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Question about types

Sep 10, 2010
So I am a and want to know if there is a way to find out what power I chose at the very start, like naturally tough or naturally spooky. Thanks in advance.

Level 11

Sep 17, 2011
Well, you can check your talent and power page. The stat that you got at the beginning should be listed at the "talents" section of the page. In case you do remember what world you picked,
Marleybone: +5 accuracy (keen eyes)
Skull Island: +5 dodge (born sneak)
Mooshu: +5 damage (born warrior) (I'm pretty sure that these are right, but I may be wrong.)
Grizzleheim: Adds health (naturally tough) (I forgot how much health it gives.)
Krokotopia: Adds to spooky effects (naturally spooky) (I once again forgot how much it adds.)

I hope this helped (a bit)!

~Quick Pearl

May 29, 2009
This should let you know when you open up your Powers/Talents page (P). Click on the star in the upper right corner to go to the Talents (all trained spells) and the first one should be your Keen Eyes, Naturally Spooky, Born Warrior, etc.


Sep 10, 2010
Ok thanks. I couldn't remember where I chose to live in the begging. Thanks