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privateer "heals"

Petty Officer
Sep 17, 2011
my very first character and my main is a privateer, it has come to be my understanding that privateers are mainly meant as healers/buffers and can't be much more, at-least not efficiently or in comparison to any other class. healing and buffing, much like a cleric or priest in many other online games, seems to be a privs main go to and use. If this is the case and even if not, then i have to say that privs are a very sad class in my opinion because i don't feel that even though privs may fill the role of a buff type class ok to a point i do not feel they are good healers at all for the reason that all their single target heals ranges are way to limited in my opinion. personally i feel that if the riv is to be a efficient or good buffer/ healer class, as it seems they were intended to be, the range of their single target heals needs a decent increase and they need more class varied buffs for other classes.mainly though i feel the healing in ability or lack there of in this class needs some improvement. not only do i feel that privs single target heals definitely could do with a range increase but all priv heals could use a buff in how much they heal. personally when i cast a heal with my level 65 i expect to see a more productive and obvious result then is currently being seen with the current strength/lack of, that priv heals have. ty 4 listening and please consider improving at-least the range of priv heals if not any of the other things i mentioned/suggested here.