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Pirate101 Instagram

Jun 08, 2009
I was planning on making a Pirate101 Instagram page, and I was wondering if I need to submit it under fan sites or if it is something I can just go ahead with. thx in advance for the answer and for all of you interested the ID is F.R. Holystone (Fearless Ryan Holystone).

Oct 15, 2010
Sure! That sounds like a great idea! Although we don't have plans to add an Instagram page as an official fan site, you definitely may create a fan page on Instagram if you'd like.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Jun 08, 2009
Pirates in the Sky on Jun 22, 2013 wrote:
The ID? What is the username? @example
the username is Morlokc. it should have a picture of Gortez on it.