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phule's loot

Jul 29, 2013
Hi I know that Phule drops his wand, amulet and mask, but what about the outfit and boots? does he drop this too? I ask as I would love to have the entire ensemble, and I already have the wand and mask, but dont know if I need to carry on farming for something that doesn't seem to exist. Thanx.

First Mate
May 01, 2012
Is this in Marco Pollo's Tomb in Valencia or elsewhere in the Spiral?

Jul 26, 2012
Currently, Phule's lieutenants only drop Phule's Mask, Phule's Wand, and Phule's Medallion.

Keep in mind that we haven't permanently defeated Phule yet (technically speaking, we haven't even fought him) and it is very possible that we will be able to get the rest of his outfit when he beat him for good.

It's the same case with Bishop. We can only get a few pieces of his equipment so far, but since he's still alive and ticking we will probably fight him again in the future and be able to get the rest of his outfit too.