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Mar 11, 2011
Apr 28, 2012
I haven't heard of Pet Banners. Try asking the question in the Circus Maximus Forum which is all about Pets.

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
wisdomhurts on Oct 11, 2014 wrote:
Where do i find pet banners and are they permanent?
Hello wisdomhurts and welcome to the message boards. Are you are possibly referring to the Grizzled Heart Banner or Bear Claw Banner, Battle Standards that boost friendly (or allied) beasts and pets in battle?

If so the Grizzled Heart Banner can be obtained as a 'random reward' from the Grizzly Beast Booster Packs that you can purchase in the Crown Shop for 399 Crowns a piece (unless on sale). They are a pretty rare item from the packs.

The Bear Claw Banner, Battle Standard can be received as drops from bosses around the Spiral. I received mine from The Water Guardian in Maruzame Castle, but I also have heard, from a friend and it's also on wiki, that you can get one from Captain Blood in Miranda. There may be other bosses that drop this item as well.

Both Battle Standards are Totems and can be equipped just like regular Totems, via your backpack interface. Once equipped, in your power roster you can move the power card, Beastmaster Banner, that comes from equipping the Standard- just as you would a normal battle power.

In battle you can use the power as you would any other power, by selecting it and then 'planting' the Battle Standard in any open square, adjacent to your pirate. The Banner provides a boost to all beasts'/pets' Ferocity, aka- damage in battle. If placed on the enemies side of the board, I believe it provides the ability 'Deadly Ferocity', which boosts beasts'/pets' damage, as well as dodge.

The Banner and thus boosts from it, will remain active throughout the duration of the battle, unless the enemy attacks and destroys the Battle Standard. I have never seen the enemy attack the Standard in PvE, so possibly the 'destroying' of it only comes into play during PvP, which I don't do, so maybe someone who does can verify this (or Ratbeard, himself).

I believe that Ratbeard stated something along the lines that the 'beasts' in question are companions that do not wear clothes or armor, wield weapons, walk upright and such- for example, Scorpius, El Tiburon, Sky Snake and Batacuda. The Battle Standard or Banner provides a way to make those companions more useful and powerful in battle, as well as pets. I don't know if it affects all pets or just ones that also don't wear armor, walk upright and wield weapons, as I haven't experimented enough with my Grizzled Heart Banner or Bear Claw Banner yet.

Hope this helps a little bit and good luck getting your hooks on one of those Battle Standards.

Mar 11, 2011