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Pet Question

Jun 08, 2013
So as of right now I have two pets a Tide Pool Crawlie and an Orchid Chameleon. But the pet I really want is an Emerald Budgie (I'm getting a real budgie). So I searched the crown shop and couldn't find one. So I figured you get it like I got my Chameleon. I got my Chameleon from fighting storm sharks.
Can someone please tell me what monster to fight or what quest to complete in order to get the budgie


Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
That particular colored bird is from a card purchase from Target.. Although this particular pet isn't on this list, well it is but has a slightly different name. here is a good list of Pirate pets and where to get them. There is another list on Pirate 101 Central that is also very helpful.

Nov 17, 2012
Nov 17, 2012
Thanks for noting the different name! In case you were unfamiliar with the way this prepaid card pet works, we have currently released four different parrot pets, depending on when you redeemed your card:

(April 2013 and earlier) The Basic Set Parrot pet is The Emerald Budgie (Second Chance talent)
(May 2013) The Adventure Set Parrot pet is The Raiding Budgie (Repel Boarders talent)
(June 2013) The Wild Set Parrot pet is The Rain Forest Budgie (Blade Storm talent)
(July 2013) The Storm Set Parrot pet is The Squall Budgie (First Strike talent)

These pets all look the same, but (as you can see from the list above) their names and talents are different.

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