Part of the game

Jan 08, 2010
Is part of the game having no quests. If all the quests were completed;its obvious that part of the game is completed. If it is not listed in the badge section;that is something else. It was there before what happened. Part of the game? I should be in the test realm. Or is it something else. All games are set to play so lets play. Although I do hate walking into that PVP lounge.

Hi! It is entirely possible to completely clear your quest log of all quests! There are several badges for completing all the side quests and story quests in each book/chapter of Pirate101. One important badge of note is the "Enlightened One" badge. If you have this badge, you'll know you're ready for your next adventures in Chapter 13 and 14, which are currently on the Test Realm and due to be released soon (however we have not given an exact date for the release of this content).


*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*