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Our parents' crew member that we get...not knowing who the others are

Jun 12, 2020
I just got to Marco Pollo's ship and got the picture yet Lucky Jack was like, "I've never seen 99% of the people in this picture. Only your mother." Uh...what...? Is there something I'm missing or is that just like a "we wanted to go a different route than just having that crew member know where everyone is and their names and that sentence was just left in there by mistake or something." Do they really not know who the rest of their crew is? I understand that the picture might have been before they joined but still, they still were there when the rest of them were, soooo...did they just not bother with introductions?

Dread Pirate
May 27, 2009
The adventure to El Dorado with Marco Pollo was LONG before our mother had a crew of her own, and it [spoiler alert] ended a bit dramatically. She never spoke of it to her new shipmates afterward, perhaps suffering from undiagnosed PTSD.

Pirates are probably used to crew members leaving (in various ways) and hiring new ones to replace them. After all, it was a very dangerous lifestyle.