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Origin Stories....What Do They do

Jun 05, 2008
Other than the bonus stat and class what does the first question (how your parents died) affect the game?

It's been bugging me so I figured I'd ask :P

Sep 22, 2012
When you choose your parents fate it determines the companion you will find later in the game. I don't remember the companions names but at least you know what happens! lol

Community Leader
Your parent's death affects what companion you get in the Presidio, around lvl 7 or 8. I think the companion there starts as lvl 9 and you acquire them after you get back to Gullet, if I remember correctly.

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Aug 30, 2009
The companion you get after the Presidio is based on how you lost your parents.

Jul 26, 2012
During your adventures, you're gonna be robbing a little Monquistian fortress called "The Presidio".

When you are there, you'll come across a prisoner who knew your parents. You will help to free them and they will join your crew. Which prisoner you find depends on how your parents met their end.

Death by squid = Birgus Latro, a Crab Thug (Buccaneer)
Death by storm = Milo Greytail, a Wharf Rat (Swashbuckler)
Death by Armada = Gasparde de Vole, a Guinea Pig Guardsman (Buccaneer)
Death searching for treasure = Lucky Jack Russell, a Dog Pirate (Privateer)
Death by mutiny = Dead Mike, an Undead Pirate (Buccaneer)

Jun 05, 2008
wow, i severely want the dog so i'll reroll again :-)