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Once you get your second ship....

Apr 03, 2010
Once you get your second ship, is there any reason to keep your first one?

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Trickai on Jan 16, 2013 wrote:
Once you get your second ship, is there any reason to keep your first one?
Nostalgia? Not really. Unless they introduce some form of ship stitching in the future (and I don't think they will), the only reason to keep old ships is if you like them too much. Otherwise, sell them to the nearest ship vendor!

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Nov 21, 2010
I myself, have kept mine.
At least on my first character.

I am hoping sometime in a future update, they allow us to set them up outside our housing.

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Well call me nostalgic, I like keeping my fleet of ships myself, I concur there isnt much use of them currently, but there have been many housing ideas/references tied to ships, and even ship stitching which was actually introduced into conversation by the developers (actually ToddJ himself if I recall) themselves during Closed beta despite talking the planks "doubt", I was here to read it.. so I know its on the possible todo list.

Ideas were also fielded such as ship in bottles on display (wouldnt it be nice to display your whole fleet this way?) Using ships themselves as housing, housing enthusiasts would love having lots of ships (ie mobile homes, lol)

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