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No quest helper

Mar 23, 2009
When I let my kids do a lot of side quest for a week I came back to find I had no quest and cant find any.This
merciless Hannah has high levels I don't want to kill her . I have been to settings and options nothing helps.
even ctrl t wont work either. Please go in and find what I did wrong . All I can do now is help the low levels or port around. Thanks a bunch .............Merciless Hannah

Hello! It sounds like your quest helper is turned off from your Options Menu. To change this, please select the Gear icon from the top menu of Pirate101 to open your options screen and select the fourth tab (the first Joystick Icon). The fifth option down is where you may select to turn your Quest Helper back on.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*