No Kobe?

Petty Officer
Jun 06, 2009
Kobe Yojimbo is my second mate. He usually appears in most battles, but in Mooshu, he hasn't appeared once. He appeared in Cool Ranch when I went back for a side quest, but I just don't get him in Mooshu. Does anyone have any advice?

May 02, 2009
Maybe the Odds aren't in his favor, lol. Idk why. He should appear at least 4 times within 10 battles, according to Nesogara (I think, well whoever made the percentage chart) that's should be how many times he should appear.

Nov 23, 2011
He may have had a traumatic experience there earlier in his career, and is shy. Probably why he's been hanging out with some human kid. Stick him in your first mate slot for a fight or two, and he'll get over it. Probably.

Petty Officer
Dec 09, 2012
If he is in your second slot, and you have got about 35% chance, so don't sweat it, he'll turn up soon. By the way, kobe is the best first mate, keep him upgraded, his promotion is astounding.