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Ninja Pig companion

Petty Officer
Jun 05, 2011
Jack, when I was playing, I asked a guy with a Ninja Pig companion how he got it. He said Marco Pollo's map came in his mail and he solved a riddle. I looked up on the forums that you have to be a member, which I am.
But I never got a map. I have stayed member ever since the launch of Pirate101. Can you please reply?

See Ya!

These maps were mailed out to many existing Wizard101 players several months ago when Pirate101 was about to launch as a part of a one-time promotion. Of course, we had to have your physical mailing address on file at the time of mailing, so unfortunately we were not able to mail maps to many of our existing Wizard players. This promotion was also US-based only.

We have also given a very small number of these codes out for very special occasions since this time but have no current plans for another Ninja Pig code giveaway.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*