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next update

Mar 09, 2013
i have been waiting for and update for a while and i am wondering win it will be

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Wondering when it will be is a favorite pastime around here.
Hmmm a song comes to mind..............Ahem................

I wonder as I wander out over skyway
Will updates be coming before I just die
All curious pirates like you and like I
We wonder as we wander out over skyway

When Blind Mew birthed ideas 'Twas to our joy all
With crew called companions, our captains took all
A quest we were given, map pieces did fall
Some to the Armada, rare treasures they call

If Pirates had wanted for any wee thing
A sword or a gun or a pet on the wing
We knew all Mew's writers, such plots they would bring
From satyrs to sea beasts to clockworks called Kane

We wonder as we wander, for updates we cry
We buy tomes to train, our gold levels they fly
We know you are working thus updates draw nigh
We yearn that announcement glad tears we will cry

Merry Updates Everyone.

Nov 22, 2009
this is a idae for a new quest in marlybone
after a long absence from marlybone you are called back for a secret mission for the admiral.
this mission you will be sent to investigate a series of attacks on there navy.
what you find is the armada led by a guy named night you escape but you ship didn't make scratch on them.
wen you get back you are given a choice of two ships the first one is the first prototype to make a armada type of ship.
the second ship is the last armada at making LVL or better ship. you will get a new crow mate with the ship you pick.
if you pick the first ship you will get a crew mate that look like a cross between a clockwork and a ship.
if you pick the second ship you will get a crew mate that look like a cross between a clockwork and a fox.
you will need to battle picked ship crew mate wen you board your new ship for the first time.
about the ship crow mate.
if you pick the first ship the crew mate power is to summon two bishops attack spheres.
if you pick the second ship the crew mate power is to summon two different copes of himself one that goes around
healing your crow and the other is random but each one cost life points.

May 24, 2009
Where would the surprise be if KingsIsle just announced when it was released? I am very excited for the upcoming worlds, but I just feel that if they don't tell us when it opens, I will be that much more happy when it does come out! Just my personal opinion.