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New Power Ideas

Apr 24, 2010
Here are some suggestions for the next set of powers or powers gained from items from an exclusive boss:
(Names are still in the works)

Buccaneer: Honorable Act: Taunt all nearby enemies, increase armor for one round.

Musketeer: enemies lose 15% of maximum health. (10%?)

Privateer: Resurrection: Mark ally. If the marked ally dies, revive 50%. Or revive last fallen ally with half health. No PVP.

Swashbuckler: Indigenous Infection: Poison target. Poison spreads onto each passing ally. (When they run past them.)

Witchdoctor: Conversion: Absorb nearby penalties into damage onto a single target. (Even foe's penalties.)

Will the good people at Kngsisle honor my idea? Time can only tell...

Apr 24, 2010
I just noticed the spelling errors. Ugh...
The name of the musketeer power is still Tactical Bombardment.

Oct 13, 2010
I think the musketeer power should be called "Hunter's Mark", or "Musket's Mark" but otherwise sound pretty cool.

Petty Officer
Sep 19, 2013
Why does Musket get a better novablast with no downsides, but Witchdoctor gets a power that's conditional on having debuffs on units near a target? Bucc doesn't even get a power that's useful in PvP, and Privy's is no PvP. Swashbuckler's seems meh as well, since you generally are spreading units to avoid big poisons anyway.