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new pirate

Mar 09, 2013
i love this game , in fact so much i'm starting a therd pirate. so i'll need your guys(and gals)help. i need your help to pick my pirate type. i've already been a witchdoctor and a priveeter. OH and befor i forget you have to have an resen. i know i'm sorry but i want to know why.i am only level 57 now so you have a little bit time to respond.

Jul 06, 2013
Welcome to the Message Boards Pirate101Kid2264!

Basing this off the posts I have seen, swashbuckler is the most popular. I like it personally and since you were Privateer and Witchdoctor, I think you will like this class.

Swashbucklers are sneaky pirates with light armor that hide in the darkness and attack their foes for the most damage. They wear light armor, but their attacks make up for the armor.

Swashbucklers have a lot of powers. One from where you can poison your enemies, and a power where you can attack all the foes around you. This class if by far the MOST popular class indeed.

I think you will really like this class. It has a lot of cool powers and epic clothes and weapons!

Good luck picking a class,

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
Ahoy, pirate101kid! and welcome! My favorite class is the swashbuckler ( I have two ). Reasons for being a swashbuckler, fast, damaging attacks and at higher levels group attacks, sneaky hides and poisons are also part of a swashbucklers arsenal. A very enjoyable class!

Jul 07, 2013
Be a musketeer since you are already familiar with using powers and skills from a distance. I'm sure you'll love the shooting style fighter too.

Virtuous Dante Ramsey

Sep 24, 2013
Just go with your instincts. Bucaneers are really strong, Swashbucklers are swift and agile, but a good warrior to. Musketeers use their weapon to go long range. So just trust your instincts and think of what you want. Swift, long range, or strong.

Mar 24, 2013
It depend what other class you wanted,Swashbuckler known for their swift but deadly skills. Buccaneer a powerful class and take a lot of hit when in battle.Musketeer known for their long ranged skills and deadly traps. The choice is yours to make.