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New Class Badges-What are they all?

May 22, 2011
Hey guys, I wanna know what all the class badges are, 1-60. I'm sure some other people wanna know what they are as well :D

-The General

Dec 01, 2012
For witchdoctors,I can tell you.

Level 1-9 is an Enchanter
Level 10-19 is a Bokor
Level 20-29 is a Magician
Level 30-39 is a Mystic
Level 40-49 is a Mesmerist
Level 50-59 is an Oracle
Level 60-69 is a Spellbinder

An Enchanter is a basically a mage with the ability to tweak with the properties of various items,people,abilities etc.Basically,an Enchanter specializes in enchantments,enchanting items,enchanting people and such.This can be seen in spells learned at this stage,like Hoodoo Touch,which alters the opponent's abilities.

A Bokor is a sorcerer(in Haitian Vodou,) that ''serves the Loa with both hands meaning that they practice both dark magic and light magic.An example of light magic would be vulture's gift,as well as Shadow Step.An example of darker magic would be Soulreaver and Evil Eye,as well as Bone Chant(which is something the Bokor tends to be feared for.)

A Magician is someone who uses magic,to affect reality in accordance with his will.And understands it,applies it and gives it some sense,as a scientist of the unknown.Big Juju is an example of such a spell.
A mystic,unlike a magician,focuses less on changing his environment as much as changing himself.A mystic is basically someone who tries to ascend more than he wants to change the world around him.And the mystic focuses more on internal change than external change,an example of such a spell is Charm,which sways the opponent to the mystic's benefit,by either making oneself more ''charming'' and easier to follow or tweaking with the mind.

A mesmerist,is basically someone who knows hypnosis,and uses attraction(at the time of F.A. Mesmer called animal magnetism).On a deeper level,however,it is also the illusionist,the alterer,the one who produces change or doesn't.It also has the nicest ring to it(IMO)

Dec 01, 2012
An oracle is person,who offers knowledge and power that they have accumulated,from the spirits.As such,they are both the teachers and the students,and both in the mortal realm,and in the spirit realm.Acting as a medium between the two,carrying with it both the powers and knowledges of one realm and the other.Basically,a powerful person.One such spell is Ocuboros,taking a lesser spell in older times and turning it into something more powerful.

A spellbinder,is one who can keep others spellbound.The one who's very words are captivating and enthralling.A very far stage in ascent.But it is also a title of a wizard,a spellbinder,is one who can produce real change with his spells.This can be seen in spells such as Chain Lightning or even Stygian Chorus,or Purge Magic.

Now,I know not everyone agrees with me here,but I'm trying to make a point.If we were to look at it in another knew way,
An Enchanter-A Mesmerist
A Magician-A Spellbinder
A mystic-An Oracle

A spellbinder is very similar to a magician,except stronger.Same goes for the others.The only one that doesn't have any matches is the Bokor.Which is why,I am going to say something really stupid,as this only a speculatory prediction,and I'm gonna say that the next title is gonna match the Bokor,and that is gonna be a...houngan.Hmm...what do you guys think?

Anyways,considering I only have my witchdoctor,I would love to hear the other class titles and your interpretations.