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Need Ideas of Nautical Farming

Dec 09, 2012
Hello people out there in the internet, pirate, and wizard world! I am a bit stuck on this one part of the main quest (sry if i spoil anybody who hasent been to this part yet) I am a lvl 65 in AQ and i am trying to get past the Twin Dilemma in the passage, but my ship is too weak. But, i have the aq galleon but i cant use it because all its equipment uses lvl 56 or 58 nautical armor. I bought a aq skiff but i still cant get most of its armor. I am a nautical lvl 50 and i need ideas on how to find the best and fastest farming place for nautical experiance. I am doing side quest for nautical xp but its just not cutting out

If you see me in the skyways then add me :D
Krystal Everhart lvl.65

Petty Officer
Apr 11, 2013
go back to marley bone, and farm with another person. we normally just park it and let our ships go off

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
You could get a couple of friends and farm the two boss ships in Aquila. There is one near the stormgates at either both ends of the skyway.