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My pets get renamed?

May 17, 2011
There are some name bugs that have been appearing lately. My pet is named commodore daisy in battle (this pet is Dark Amber Nightingale's orchid chameleon), but my true friend Stormy Amber Dove sees a different name when the pet is following me. This pet also has a different name in my backpack. I pretty much call her Daisy, but it is very annoying. If I rename my pet (can this even be done in Pirate101?) will this problem be fixed? I don't want to waste money. (This bug seems to affect Stormy Amber Dove as well, but all I can remember is that her orchid chameleon is named Hunter in battle).

The second one has to do with some of the drowned zombies. They sometimes have "wizened zombie" under their names instead of "drowned zombie". If I kill the zombies with "wizened" under their names for a quest that involves killing drowned zombies, would it count? Also, if I had to kill wizened zombies for a quest, would killing the drowned zombies with "wizened zombie" under their name count? Sorry if this was confusing.

The third one is about old scratch's skeleton minion summon spell. Sometimes when I have Old Scratch (or as I like to call him, Scratchy) cast this spell, the said skeleton will be called "Dark Amber Nightingale's NED Skeletal pirate" or "NED" or "Skeletal pirate". Once, it said "Dark Amber Nightingale's SKELETAL PIRATE Ned", having Skeletal pirate in the middle instead of at the bottom (and the name at the bottom instead of in the middle). Can this be fixed?

-Dark Amber Nightingale
PS: Storm and I got the orchid chameleon together while farming Fin on the dragon prince realm. I'm not sure if this matters, but you can never be to careful.

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Although I have not seen any of those behaviors here in live, or previously in beta. I have noticed one thing about Pet drops.

If you get a pet drop, the name it shows initially in the notifications is almost always different than the actual pets name. The real weird part is once you've noticed this, and go back and check notifications, then notification is updated to the new/actual pets name. So it appears the initial reward notice, always has the wrong pet name.

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Jul 26, 2012
Alright, so something kind of odd about pet names has happened to me twice so far.

The first pet I ever got was the Scarakeet from the Boochbeard bundle, and when I redeem it from the gift list the name it was automatically given was "Admiral Abbey". When I equipped Admiral Abbey and it entered a fight with me, suddenly it's name was "Baby Zeus" and has remained so ever since.

The same thing happened to the second pet I received: An Orchid Chameleon dropped by Fin Dorsal. When I got the chameleon as a drop it was called "Big Barney" but when I equipped it, after entering a fight with me it's name suddenly became "Scrappy Gummy" and has stayed that way ever since.

I know you can rename pets for a price, but I was curious as to why pets seem to get renamed the first time they enter a fight. has anyone else had this happen to any of their pets? Is it some kind of bug or is it supposed to work this way?

Sep 08, 2008
I saw this happening to me as well.

I am sure KingsIsle will work on this.

Anyone remember Wizard101 back in 2008? It was littered with bugs and glitches, graphical hiccups and weird things of that nature.