Mojo Potions

May 12, 2009

So I was just wondering; I noticed that you can buy mojo potions for crowns from the crown shop, is it possible to purchase potions for gold like you can in Wizard101? There are times where I have plenty of gold and would rather not waste time on minigames.

So, is it not possible or am I just missing something
Also, if it isn't possible, is there a chance that it would be added in a future update?

Thanks in advance!

Community Leader
At this point the Mojo refills are Crowns-only, we can't get them for gold.

At least, we can't get them for gold - yet. I wish they'd add mojo refills for gold too, even if it's only a single vendor in the Spiral that sells them. I'll bet the Free Trader in Avery's courtyard could do a booming business that way.

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