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Mojo Potion Problems?

Apr 28, 2012
character Cole Xavier (level 15 Witchdoctor). Quest - Jojo Mojo Rising : fight Jojo Mojo. Presently in the Gold Mine where Jose Sanchez is found. Not sure if this belongs in the Bilge Pump or not. When I got my second Mojo Potion from Queen Eleanor, my Mojo Potions showed only 1 potion that was full. I've had to gather Blue Yum Yum fruit to fill it up. Is the second Mojo Potion supposed to be empty when I get it (I haven't used any Mojo Potions at all)?

Community Leader
I don't know if it's supposed to start out empty or not, but I noticed the same thing recently when my Buccaneer got his third potion at level 30 and he had to fill it up before his Mojo counter went up from 2 to 3.

Chatroom Moderator - Pieces of Eight Radio
May 30, 2010
I've always had to fill up the new mojo potions (after the first). It's like they just give you a bottle and expect you to supply the juicer on your own. Since it's happened to all my pirates and my husband's as well, I sort of think it's not a bug.

At least the mojo potions sometimes empty out when you level up bug seems to be gone!