Menu chat - how to ask if someone needs help?

May 31, 2010
I was recently in the Skull Island skyway with my level 50 witchdoctor. Mostly just wasting time, but also to try to collect a few of the dropped raft parts to send to another character. And I realized that I can't seem to find a menu chat option for asking another captain if they want assistance. (I have text chat, but I'll usually use menu chat for something like that, since lots of people can't use text chat. Or at least, that's how I did it in Wizard101.)

Maybe I just haven't looked in the right menu yet, but it seems like something as basic as "Help me!" and "Do you need assistance?" should be one of the top menu items, even in combat. After all, if you need help and see another player passing, you might only have a few seconds before they've run on by. Especially since the current "unspoken rule" seems to be that jumping into someone's fight without asking is at least slightly rude.

And it also occurs to me that I don't know if higher levels even *can* help in a fight without messing it up. In several games I've played, if one player in a fight is too much higher level than the enemy, then basically no one gets anything when the fight is over. Definitely no XP, and sometimes not even any loot. This usually seems to be to discourage powerleveling, I think. Although it also often has the nasty side effect of making it impossible to hang out with your friend that you just convinced to try a new game unless you're willing to roll a new character to level up with them.

Hi! Just wanted to note that there are two menu chat commands you might have not seen yet under the "Friendly" section. 1) Would ye like some help? and 2) Can ye help me, please? Once you click on those, they will be in your favorites near the top of the menu chat list for the remainder of your play session.

Fear not, higher level players may assist lower level players without fear of ruining the chances for loot or experience (however it is more fun when players are around the same level).

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*