Membership Renewal Question

May 06, 2009
I wish I had asked this when I first got membership, but better late than never.

I just wanted to ask, how does automatic membership renewal work? I got the Boochbeard Bundle while it gave the year-membership and. so this is actually my first time at year-membership and I have no idea how it works. Does it like deducted the amount ($59.99) from the set credit card in the account? Am I still paying $59.99 for each year of membership or is it something like eternal membership and there are certain days it simply renews?

Thanks in advanced for the answers!

Cunning Finnigan Sharp

Oct 15, 2010
Noooo idea but I also got the Boochbeard Bundle and am wondering this too.

Hi! Yes, as stated on the promotional webpage for the Boochbeard bundle, "Your 12 Month Membership begins on the day that you purchase your Online bundle. Your Membership will auto-renew at the discounted 12 Month price point of $59.95 one year after the date you purchased an online bundle. You can change your Membership at any time by visiting My Accounts."

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Apr 11, 2013