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Maximum Critical Rating?

Feb 25, 2012
So, i have had this question on my mind for a while, and since my experiments in game were. . . . unhelpful. . . . I have decided to go to the community for help. so. . . . HELP!

Anyway, here is what I am trying to figure out: what is the maximum possible critical chance a pirate can get?
Well, when you hover over an enemy in the battle board, you see some info under their name and health that says your critical chance on that enemy. If there is no text there, then I assume that there is no chance to critical them. however, just to be sure, I would like to check on that.

My first question is: Is there a minimum critical chance above zero, even if you have no critical buffs or will/strength/agility?

My second question: If you have achieved the maximum critical boost from agility/strength/will, can it be raised with powers? for example: My swashbuckler has 100 agility, my target has none, so I get the 25% chance boost. then, I use both of my shadow-dance buffs, which add 25% chance boost themselves. just for fun, a privateer joins the fight and uses both of his critical boosts, which gives me another 15% chance boost. If all this were to happen, do I have the Critical Boost from all those combined (a total of 65%!) or is the absolute maximum critical chance locked at 25%?

My third question: On a scale from Celery to Ratbeard's singing voice, how Monster Truck are you?

Feb 25, 2012
i am creating this reply for two reasons:
A) this post seems to have escaped the notice of the community, and i really want an answer, so throwing it back to 'Updated Topics' should help. . . .
B) I want to know if multiple privateers could potentially stack their critical buffs so that the critical rating could get even higher potentially than 65%

please, somebody respond

First Mate
Mar 30, 2011
So far, I've only seen up to 25% critical chance on an enemy, however, my companions and I have had critical hits quite allot, I'm not sure how to answer, on enemies it shows up to 25% critical fer me, however, when buffing it seems to exceed the amount, maybe the critical shown is base critical?