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Lucky Jack Russell

Gunner's Mate
Sep 28, 2009
As I was helping the younger pirates in the Ancient Caverns, I noticed whenever I used my Great Juju, Russell's Will stat was buffed. However, another pirate used a Strength buff when my Jack was already across the map, and it buffed him with strength as well which brings the question: Bug or intentional?

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Maybe since privateers use both it is a way for him to boost either area he uses.

Well, I just went into game to test this out with my Witchdoctor. The different ranks of Juju that I cast all seemed to buff Strength on Lucky Jack Russell, not Will.

Can you try it out again for me? (I know sometimes when players and companions are all clumped together it can be difficult to tell whose buff text is whose.)


*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Gunner's Mate
Sep 28, 2009
Yeah, seems I did misread, thanks for the catch, however it IS a bit confusing, having a Privateer companion be buffed up by Strength unlike the rest of em. Does that mean that giving Jack Will talents will not affect his Relentless or damage, rather Strength does? Hoping to see if Ratbeard can confirm