Login problem

Sep 21, 2012
I have the game installed on two PCs since beta. On one PC the game works great. On the other PC I cannot login. When I start the game I get the initial login screen and enter my credentials and that works. Then I get the white KingsIsle screen and I hit enter which starts the cinematic.

And here is the problem. On the working game I see text at the bottom of the cinematic screen which says "Press Any Key...". On the non working game I never get this text so the cinematic plays to the end where I see a black pirate flag. At this point nothing I do will get me any farther.

I opened a support ticket and so far my only response is to re-install. I have uninstalled and re-installed several times...even scanned the registry to remove all references to Pirate101. But upon a re-install I get the same thing every time.

Can anyone help?

Apr 24, 2010
I have the same problem and if I just keep trying it works sometimes.... also, I am having trouble getting the internet connection to log in. I have to try and try and try until it lets me on. Then I randomly get kicked off, or cannot load the next rooms, etc. Don't believe it is an internet issue.

Would love an answer! Its starting to drive me crazy.

Thanks. Mandi

Curious if you continued contacting support, QuinnMC? Did they have any further advice that helped?

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Apr 28, 2012
Have you compared your computer with the specifications (System Reqs) listed under the Help menu above?

Do you have any other programs running on your computer in the background or foreground that don't need to be running? (other computer programs will take up resources and slow your computer down).