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List of companions i think should be in

Aug 19, 2013
I was thinking of good companions for the game so here I go. 1 I was thinking there could be a new world also named Midnight Waste were there were werewolves or something and you could unlock a werewolf costume and you won a Wolf Swashbuckler named Swift Cunning Wolf and is available for all class and 2 I was thinking after you beat the game your class teacher would be a companion for whatever class your in and 3 I was thinking there should be a hedgehog buccaneer named Dangerous Growling Digger and lastly I was thinking there could be a new class named Sea Dog which is like a privateer but with fast movement.Well I hope my ideas will be thought of.i would like for anyone who reads this to think of companions which would be great to have in game well bye for now.

Jan 02, 2011
I would love to see a wolf swash and a hedgehog buccaneer, but I believe it's been discussed before that we will never get our class trainers as companions

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Jan 17, 2013
hey dude! you remember me? im fearless robert spencer, im one of your friends on pirate101.