Kobe Yojimbo

Be Mine Beginner
Aug 18, 2012
I have problems with seeing my Kobe, his health. name, or how hard he is hit for when in battle. Not even when his abilities proc, he is on his second tier promotion now as a bull samoorai lord. IS KingsIsle working on this or not even know this?

Honey Buncher
May 10, 2010
My Kobe Yojimbo is level 50 and I have had no problems with him. You might want to check your graphics card and make sure it is up to date, or contact support and be a bit more detailed in stating exactly what problems you are experiencing.

Sweet Talker
Feb 03, 2012
Yea, i'm having the same problem, ever since he was promoted the second time, i can't see any of this battle talents or damage.