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Kingsile, where is your second bundle?

Jun 16, 2009
I've been waiting for another bundle to come out, but yet Wizard101 pops up with another one...

Kingsile, are you still thinking? Or giving Wizard101 all of your love? Pirate101 players love this game even more than Wizard101. (well, some.)

If the ideas are taking too long, here's mine then to help you guys out:

Mooshu Bundle
3 Player Giant Turtle ride
Samrooai's Attire
Ninja Pig's Sword
Cherry Blossom Buffaloon
1 Month or 5000 crowns.

BAM! How about that?

"Gun's with electricty defeat me, not bullets."

Oct 01, 2010
A new P101 Bundle was released with the Hive Bundle, the Empire Bundle.