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Just A Few Developer Questions

Nov 28, 2009
Recently, many players have been wondering things from time to time about features of the game. One of those players being me. I ask only a few questions, as I know the Developers are very busy.

1) Will we ever see Class Housing implemented into the game? There has been much talk of housing for classes such as Wizard101's housing. Are class houses going to remain exclusive to Wizard101?

2) Is Pirate101 going to receive any particular "bundles" or "packs" soon? Many pirates feel that wonder when we will get some new additions to the game. Possibly an upcoming, unannounced, and unmentioned Dragonspyre or Grizzleheim themed pack, hmm?

3) Will companions such as Catbeard, Hawkules, and Gracie Conrad ever receive a promotion? The answer to this is most likely "Yes", but there is no way to be sure until we curious pirates know.

These are all the questions I have for now, and I hope you are not too busy to answer them.

Ryan Silver- Level 65 Witchdoctor


1- We're always looking at improving our game; however, we have made no announcements concerning Class Housing, but you are definitely welcome to leave it as a suggestion for consideration in our Shipyard's Forums.

2- Again, we haven't made any announcements concerning upcoming bundles or packs, but when we do, be sure to check the usual locations for these types of announcements and keep an eye on the official page for showcasing prepaid cards and bundles.

3- As mentioned by Blind Mew, if a companion has an active dialogue part in the game, it's a pretty good guess they will also eventually have a promotion available to them.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*