Is it over ?

Jun 01, 2012
Wow!! i am a level 50 Witchdoctor, no more exp.
i payed for a membership , is there no more?

i can't even send all my crown ships i payed for and don't need any
more to another toon i made.

Did i waste my moneys on crowns and a membership ?

Atleast let me send my crown items to other toons i made.
i don't want to buy all the crown ship and stuff for each toon i make,
That will make me give up this game faster.

Jan 29, 2010
The ability to trade your crowns items will be fixed according to One-eyed Jack. However, none of the ships will be tradeable (only the equipment for the ships).

Apr 28, 2012
As I understand it, it is not over. There should be more Worlds opening up and Worlds that we have visited will have new connections (ie Monquista and Valencia). We don't just know when this will happen

One-Eyed Jack has said that ships and houses will not be transferable between Pirates in the same account. He has said that ship equipment will be transferable in the future, just not yet. If you want to see his posts, do a search for "One-Eyed Jack".

At level 50, you have reached the present experience cap. When a new area opens up, there should be a new experience cap.