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Internet Data Usage

Mar 29, 2013
Hi pirates

I am wanting to get a Internet plan of 50g and I am sure this will be enough but just wondering how much do you reckon pirate101 uses of mb or gb? I will probably play everyday and what is the best speed for the game to not lag


Gunner's Mate
Jan 06, 2011
I have finished the game (as it currently stands) and my Pirate101 folder is only around 4 gigs. So downloading the game itself won't take much, especially since you only download content when you need it.
As for general gameplay data usage, it isn't much at all. You won't need to worry about using up your data limit. What you do need to worry about is the speed of your connection. That is what will cause lag. It doesn't need to be the best in the world though. I am in New Zealand and I don't have much of a problem with lag in Pirate.