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Im guessing people have asked this but...

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Jul 28, 2011
I understand reasons why we cant tell people passwords, ingame or not. im aware that if ingame your password is revealed,



but say you have an account with membership and cant afford to make another one with membership, and you have a sibling, with a different computer, and gave them the password. say you were online one time and then they logged on while you were on. how about that?

Once you give your password to anyone you are compromising your account! (I'm pretty sure we've seen threads of a sibling deleting another sibling's pirates.)

Our official response from the Customer Support Page:
Sharing ANY sort of personal information (including usernames & passwords) will result in a permanent account ban. Do NOT share accounts, or any type of personal information. This applies to ALL levels of chat. This policy is in place for your protection & that of your wizards (someone on your account can delete your purchases, items & even your pirates!).

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