I have a disturbing questions...

Dec 01, 2012
Dear friends,
I was looking through some old,questions I prepared last year for Blind Mew(before the Marleybone-Aquila) and I oticed an interesting question chain...
I noticed a 24 question chain on ...Bishop.This was before we knew anything about Bishop(other then his name and his appearance).And so I just had a bunch of questions(Who is this Bishop?What's his purpose?What class is he?).I was so happy when in the Marleybone-Aquila update we met him.I realized that Bishop was my favorite in Kane's Court.I like his staff,his powers,his walk,his role,his name,his voice...but I still hate every gear in his body.I was wondering,of all the clockworks we've encountered and that we know about,who is your favorite.Just wondering.
The Hoodoo Master
The Tomekeeper
Felix Yellowfish,the Noble