I got 30000 crowns and i didnt buy anything

Oct 31, 2009
I was in pvp i went outside out of no where i got 30000 crowns, did some one hack my account , someone plz answer i am freaking out what should i do i am not gonna spend it until i know what going on ki plz answer fast.

Don't be alarmed! This was due to your character being blocked in Wizard101. Here's a quote from the official Wizard101 Facebook page:

"Some of you noticed an influx of Crowns on your accounts recently. Players who were blocked from zones they could previously access in Azteca were compensated for the time they were unable to return to those areas.

If you did not receive Crowns, you were not impacted by this issue.

Let's be very clear here, the Crowns were not because you 'finished' Azteca, nor were you hacked, nor was there a glitch. You can clearly see all your Crowns activity on the Wizard101.com website under "My Accounts".

If you have questions, use email to contact support@wizard101.com"

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*