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Hykssoss' falchion and axe of the minotaur lords

Oct 12, 2010
I have a quick question, how easy is it to get Hykssoss' Falchion and The Axe Of The Minotaur Lords

Petty Officer
Jul 25, 2013
first of all, those are dropped items, so it will be difficult to get them, so it is all about luck, you have to keep farming and farming to get it, ( it took me 8 tries to get medusa's blades )

Jun 08, 2009
Honestly, i find the axe is easier even if they have the same drop rates. the Falchion drops from only one fight at the end of Troy. The axe drops from any of 4 separate fights in the same dungeon. this means that in one run of Troy you only get one chance to receive the weapon you want, but you get four chances to get the weapon in the Labyrinth. Not to mention that the last fight in the Labyrinth has 3 Minotaurs, meaning that you can get an axe from any of them, tripling your chance of getting it.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
1of1 Buccaneer on Mar 23, 2014 wrote:
I have a quick question, how easy is it to get Hykssoss' Falchion and The Axe Of The Minotaur Lords
You just never know. I got a minotaur's axe both times I took my girls through the Labyrinth and I know others have gone through many times with still no luck. I have tried many a time for the Blades of Shade and still nothing while I have friends that got it first try or on their tenth. Some serious head patting and tummy rubbing going on here.

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
It absolutely depends on what fortune the Drop Gods have bestowed upon you. I have run the Hykssos dungeon about 30 times so far with no luck. The good news is that it only takes roughly 25-30 minutes with 3 fights and the 2nd battle is against Pariss, who can drop the Prince of Illios Quiver wth Burst Fire- nice...if you are a . And both drop other class weapons weapons and some gear as well, if nothing else you can at least sell them.

The Labyrinth takes a bit longer (around 50-60 mins)since you have to fight 5 battles total and do more running around (it is a maze after all), but like others have said, there are 4 battles in which you can get the Axe- so your chances are much greater. And if you do have the crowns, your chances increase that much more. Although, I am a little bitter towards them tharrr Minotaurs. I have run that dungeon about 20-25 times with no luck either and it is very hard with my busy schedule and family life to find a solid 1 hour block of time to play, much less sit down. I even have spent probably 10,000- 15,000 plus crowns on that SCC (split up in 2 tries) and still no such luck. Plenty of gear though- in fact 5-10+ duplicates of probably every thing they drop, armor wise. But, no forsaken axe. Oh well, just the un-luck of the draw I suppose.

I hope you have much better luck and get whichever you desire- both for that matter. And I will keep at it.