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How do you spend your practice points?

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I have a Buccaneer and when I first got a practice point, I went straight for the Privateer trainer to get a healing spell, as I think a lot of players do. The other night, I had the thought that I might be missing something and paid the 350crowns to respend my practice points into some Witchdoctor skills. I am actually enjoying this playstyle a little more than having the Privateer spells.

However, I'm only lvl 16 and haven's seen a good portion of the game yet, so I was wondering, what does everyone else spend their practice points on? Do must people use Privateer for healing? Are there any good combinations that I haven't though of?

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Sep 08, 2008
I play a Swashbuckler.

I am going into Privateer all the way. Not only is the healing incredibly nice to have, but I also get Slashy weapon bonus (great for stabby/slashy combo weapons) elusive (great for added survivability at <50% health) I also get a good chunk of extra padding with Tough.

I first thought I'd go into Buccaneer for the armor rating. But armor does not help against magical attacks, and I'd have to train in both Smashy and Big Choppy weapons just to unlock the armor. So, it seemed to me that Privateer gave me more 'bang for the points'. And I am really looking forward to it.

I also used one point to train Ghost Wail from the witchdoctor. That ghost wail attack is really usefull for a long range attack when I just can't reach an enemy. But, I am thinking of withdrawing that practice point so I can just add that to Privateer.

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Oct 22, 2011
For a Buccaneer, not only can you use smashy weapons, but you can use smashy/slashy weapons. By using practice points to train for slashy weapons as well, you will get an extra damage boost because you are using the two weapon combo.

Because you might want weapons that are smashy/slashy, you can also train sneak attack and hide in shadows from the swashbuckler trainer, plus you might consider training "fast" from that school as well.

It all comes down to personal preference on how you want to play.

Have fun!

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