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how do you get the bomb skills?

Jun 08, 2013
As of right now I am a level 17. And I've seen a lot of musketeers lower level than me using those bomb skills that make bombs rain from the sky. So one day I was playing Pvp and there was a level 27 using the skill. so I asked him where he got it, and he said he got it from a quest that I would get later on. But today I saw a level 15 using a bomb skill.
I've searched every trainer And I couldn't find any of the bomb skills.

If it is from a trainer can you please tell me which one and what the skill is called.

If it is from a quest can you please tell me who gives you the quest and what the quest is called.

or if it's a weapon skill please tell me what weapon gives you the skill.


Oct 27, 2009
It sounds like one of the attacks from the privateer trainer. It is also possible to get epics from other schools by winning clothes that include an attack as part of their boosts.