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How Can I Defeat the Striped Bumbaloon?

Dec 01, 2012
I'm in Cool Ranch trying to look for Captian Blood's lair so I need Tonka the Bison to help me get there but he's been taken by the Duck of Death. So I have to help two totems and so far got Sister Snake and Brother Owl all there is left is Brother Wolf. To summmon him I need to defeat 8 Striped Bumbaloon but they are really hard to kill. All I need is a good way to defeat them without losing.

May 02, 2009
It depends on what class you are:
  • Buccaneer-Attack relentlessly on the striped bumbaloon first since buccaneers have high health and know vengeance strike
  • Musketeer- Attempt to make only the bumbaloon fall into your traps and them attack from afar while having your companions up closer to the bumbaloon
  • Privateer- Increase the accuracy of your companions asap and have them take care of the bumbaloon while you heal them
  • Swashbuckler-Use any hide skills followed by Assasin's Mist ending with Assasin's Strike
  • Witchdoctor-Curse the bumbaloon and try to defeat the bumbaloon before it gets to close
*Hope this helped

Petty Officer
Nov 28, 2008
You will not be able to use a trap on them. They are flying creatures and as such, fly over the trap.

The whole problem may be that you are a little low level for this quest due to skipping all the side quest. If that is the case, go do side quests. If you do the side quests, it may be that you havent level your companions up as needed to combat him. Spend a few points to get your companions up to at least where they get a level per point. If your low level, you might also go to where you spend 2 points per level. That raises them closer to your level... giving them more hit points and damage ability.

Sep 08, 2008
Yes, don't rush through Cool Ranch. The quests given to you will be really irritating.

I was as much as 10 levels higher than the average person by the time I hit Cool Ranch, and I STILL got quests I could not even do because the mobs were so darn hard (Sky snakes).

Best bet is to skip it altogether, do all the other quests, then eventually come back and finish the harder ones.

Apr 21, 2009
I had the same trouble with the Sky Snakes. I ended up putting all of my ranged and magic companions at the top of the list and that really helped negate the vengence strikes.