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How are some ways to get gold?

Sep 22, 2012
I am having so much trouble on broadside combat quests. I have good items but will still be sunk my noob ships. I just bought a ship of the crown store but found out none of my items are compatible with it so there goes my 5000 crowns. (I give you permission to laugh). I am saving up for a 7000 gold frigate and need 1000 more gold.

I am very stuck in this game and am losing faith in myself that I can actually get anywhere in this game and I am considering deleting my character and starting fresh. I am so stuck! If anyone could help it would be great.

Sep 08, 2008
Hey Qwaabapirate.

Are you pretty far into the game? With my little raft I get at the very beginning of the game, I was able to sink cutthroat pirate ships pretty easily. Even those ships controlled by the water moles.

I have noticed that after one of the tougher fights (I had been riding on an advanced player's ship) that we got like 8 different treasure chests filled with about 20 gold each (A pirate fight in the Skyway). That is the most gold I have yet to see after a fight.

Sep 07, 2011
Ratbeard posted on here about ship battle and he's spot on. First of all I don't care much for them as they get boring at best. Secondly, don't worry about sinking the ship you are battling just let it get your ship to 1/2 health and they'll board. At lower levels I never got loot worth wearing or selling for much gold.

So far the ONLY thing I've needed gold for is tomes to improve my companions and you never get enough. That's why they sell crowns so you can buy gold. While this concept is surely very profitable for KI I'd be surprised if it lasts long. At my level it has gotten a bit easier getting gold but it is never enough. I couldn't survive without my powerful companions.

Hope the ship info helps.

Level 28 Bucaneer

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Oct 22, 2011
What type of ship are you on now? What type of ship did you buy?

Some items can be used on any ships. The cannons, horn and steering wheel. The other items for your ship are type and class specific, unfortunately.

How far are you into the game? There are different ship and ship parts vendors throughout the pirate worlds. Skull Island will have raft parts. Jonah Town will have parts for a skiff. Scrimshaw has parts for a galleon. These are parts you can buy for gold.

By doing broadside ship combat, you should be receiving ship part drops and some gold. Different areas will drop ship parts for better ships, depending on how far you are into the game.

Don't lose faith in yourself! I'm sure there are many players that are stuck in the same situation (or at least, similar). It's a learning curve for this game, and you are more than welcome to ask questions! I find, your first character is the one who learns how to play the game, and is the one who messes up the most.

My suggestion, is to practice with fighting lower level enemy ships. Learn how to strategize your attacks. When to hit, when to heal. It's not easy, but it can be done!

Keep your chin up, young pirate!

Lazy Lenora Leech
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Mar 18, 2009
I was able to get a ton of gold by selling all the extra gear from the "badge bosses." By badge bosses, I mean the ones you have to fight several times to receive a badge. Gortez is one example. I made at least 4k off him alone, fighting him 25 times. In fact, my gold is almost exclusively for ship equipment and companion points, because the dropped gear has been adequate throughout the game.

Apr 28, 2012
Do NOT delete your character unless you want to lose the ship you bought for 5000 Crowns. So far, I have seen three items that can not be transferred using the Shared Bank: Houses, Companions, and Ships. Ships Parts, Housing Items, and Equipment all seem to transfer (unless they say No Trade) using the Shared Bank.

You don't mention what level you are, what quests you have completed and/or are working on, and what ships you have available that do have working equipment (Cannons, Figureheads, Wheels, and Sails). The worst case is that you use your Raft to fight the easy things in Skull Island Skyway (Batacuda near Blood Shoals and Cutthroat ships near Skull Island). I've been able to sink a Frigate and maybe a Galleon with my Raft. Do NOT sink the ships as you get more Gold (along with loot that you can sell if you don't want to use it) by boarding them and fighting hand to hand. Also, there are Treasure Chests that keep re-appearing in the same locations throughout the game and these can be "farmed" for more Gold (you just have to remember where they are and to get them whenever you are near). Whatever the level you are at, fighting ground troops brings in Gold too (Troggies, Cutthroats outside of Skull Mountain, Cutthroats and others inside of Skull Mountain, and others that you have fought). Again, selling items you don't need increases the amount of Gold you have (I recommend NOT selling equipment that is specifically for certain types of Pirates or levels that you can't use either ever or right now. I transfer these items to my other Pirates so they can have good equipment.)

Ship Combat is a skill that has to be mastered. Make sure you know how to use the Cannons, Figurehead, Wheel, and Sails. I recommend getting as close to the enemy as you can. This allows for easy boarding either by you or the enemy whichever ship's health turns yellow first.

Good Luck.

Feb 14, 2009
I agree with everyone that posted so far but if you are getting high in the game it might not be as effective. As you get higher in the game try to fight the last boss you've fought so far, This is a very good way to get gold because they give higher prizes (A.K.A. gear and gold and whatever else you can get) the farther you go. (If your a maxed avatar trying to get gold go to water temple.) If you can't fight the last boss you've done get to the one before that one.

With the best of wishes to your success:

Canny George Davenport level 50

Feb 19, 2012
A couple of ways i have earned gold is ... selling most of the gear that drops... and selling ships... once you have moved out of an Area i have found that you don't need those extra ships and all that gear on them is a pretty penny too. The only ship that i have kept is the MOOShU ones since you need them to get into MOOSHU.

Also there random chest all over, some drop 20 gold other a lot more then that.

Honestly.. i have had to spend gold on CP ( Campion Points) because i have gotten the warning that i am getting too close to the gold cap... Warning start at about 59k... i have topped out at 75k before using my gold ..

Jun 05, 2008
with the recent changes to the drops..I've been getting quite a bit more gold from combat.
also I've been playing the mini-games I know I can get all the rewards on. At level 16-18 I started getting around 200 gold a round x 10 chances to get prizes can be a pretty nice boost on top of the ship items and other items.

Don't forget your shared bank either..move stuff your other characters may not need anymore to your alts.

May 13, 2011
look at some of your quests. some gives tons of gold like "trading under the table" which you get in scrimshaw and you get 1000 gold from it. later on in the game, do quests for rooster cogburn in cool ranch, coopers roost. it gives a LOT of gold and there are lots of the quests themselves. i got 1000 gold, then 2000 from the last one