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Hidden Attacks

Dec 17, 2012
lvl 50 swashbuckler "Assassin"
Ive noticed some weird tendancies with walk in shadows and walk in darkness. Over the past few weeks the way its been working has not been consistent. A few weeks ago seems that only normal attacks, critical attacks including ability cards, and Backstab were the only ones that did double damage. Back stab was weird that it actually showed 2 sets of numbers overlapping per hit to get doubles. Now I'm up to lvl 50 been farming away for better gear with assassins strike and backstab cards and a few key buffs but the hidden abilities dont seem to be working with any Sneak type attacks anymore " Sneak attack,Backstab,Assassins strike". It still works for normal attacks and an ability critical3 doing double damage.
I use slashy,stabby weapons and buff with str using Great mojo and Whales might. An example would be my crit 3, normally without hidden it deals 110-120 a hit for 4 hits thats about 440-480 damage. When I'm hidden it deals 210-220 per hit fopr 840-880 damage. Seems to be working as intended. However Backstab I deal around 220 per hit 2 hits for 440 damage sometimes it crits up to 380 a hit for 760 damage. When Im hidden the damage does not change. Not working as intended I believe. A week or so ago it used to do the hidden damage with 2 sets of numbers and damage was insane. Hitting crits up to 380 a hit x2 doubled I almost one shot Friar Sand doing roughly 1500 damage. That was fun it made it worth the turn to use hidden whenever I saw backstab on my bar. Again this leads into assassins strike. Roughly I hit 220 a hit 4 hits for 880 damage sometimes it crits up to 380 a hit for 4 hits doing an insanely amount of damage around 1500 to a single monster. I love those moments however when hidden the damage does not change at all.
I admit the damage does seem a little high but Im wearing alot of hard earned gear that Ive famed for for weeks. Now I only ever use one hidden ability when I see critical 3 card and delete other hidden ability cards when I see them. The hidden ability has lost alot of its use to me. It costs a turn to use it, during that turn I could have used a different card to weaken the enemy and used the next turn to finish them with another card while reposte and first strike dealing more damage per turn and putting less strain on my companions. Is this the way its suppsed to work if so the cards need to be rewriten that sneak attacks cannot be combined with hidden abilities. I miss the days of picking the strongest monster in battle and destroying him. The looks on his companions faces was priceless. My crew used to look forward to when I disappeard in battle now they cring and curse me since its only use now seems to be hiding from enemies.

Lvl 50 Musketeer Edward Teach
Lvl 50 Swashbuckler Davy Jones
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