HELP!!!!!(any administrator please reply)

Dec 08, 2012
this might seem very annoying but to day after the defeat general tso quest i went to go get the prize for the quest and when i did it destroyed the "odaki"sword due to my backpack and bank being full is there any way that i can get the sword back i will be willing to pay crowns for it back

P.S:what i mean is there a recovery system
Brave Luke Silver lvl43

Oct 17, 2012
I am not an ambasitor but,
When this happened on my wizard101 myth, lvl 83, i tried and couldn't get it back,
Maybe Pirate101 is different

Hi linadimo. This sounds like more of a question for In your request, be sure to include your log in name (no passwords please!) and the name of the character that lost the item, as well as how they received and lost the items.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*