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Help with Tower of Moo Manchu and farming

Mar 14, 2014
hey guys I was wondering if you could help me with my farming in the tower of moo Manchu I need to be sure if you guys are in the eastern time zone cause I got the times I would be on down below also I am a buckler so I am also looking for the knives. any advice on how I can get the knives quick? thanks for reading this and as always have a nice day.

lvl65 Bloody Brandon Chamberlain

also I got a couple questions. for example where would be a good place to farm for good gear other then tower of moo Manchu.

I already got the fire toad and the standard and also blades of shade where else would it be good for me to farm gear for buckler?

see you guys in the message boards I hope you find this message interesting and hope your willing to help.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
I am sure there are many Marauders that would love to stir up some nefariousity with you. With my current cluster of annoying headaches, I am not reliable for such lengthy runs but others may be.
You can always use the Team Up function and then tell your team how far you wish to go before you start. Even if you have to re start after the first battle it is a small time investment. Although, just sticking around for the last two fights is not really that much longer and the rewards are MUCH higher and will get you that much closer to the next nefarious badge.