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Help with loot tables please??

Jun 16, 2013
Arrrgghhh!! how ye be doing mateys?!!

I have a question concerning loot tables from bosses. Do all bosses that drop similar gear(clothing as opposed to jewelry) of around the same level have similar loot tables with the exception of unique items?

For example: Cadmus drops Blades of Shade which are unique to him. However his clothing drops include items that I have received from Grohl, Minotaurs, and Antinous. I have been farming for the Crest of Faunus for several days with no luck. Now the wiki says that Cadmus drops it, however some people have said they receive it from Grohl. I have not seen anyone say they have received it from Minotaurs but I am assuming since all these bosses have the same loot table and kind of loot(clothing) that they would all drop it. Am I correct? Or are there other certain items that are specific to certain bosses?

I like the option of the second chance chest with Minotaurs so I would rather farm them, and Grohl is a lot less time consuming than Cadmus, so if I had to pick my farming I would say Minotaurs>Grohl>Cadmus; however I don't know for sure if the Mino's drop the Crest of Faunus. I know Cadmus does, and I THINK Grohl does.

Thank you and fair winds friends!!