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help plz

Apr 01, 2009
hello fellow pirates i am in a spot of bother during the quest line to free the three rats from the cave in blood shoals the pirate named jack still hasent been saved and i have completed his quest line but it says he hasent been saved yet and i dont know why

May 30, 2010
Did you talk to him and then to Lasko? Check your quest log to see what you've left out.

Apr 28, 2012
To save Jack you need to complete the following quests: Sharks in the Water (Lasko and Jack), Crab Bag, Troubles Down Below (Captain Avery), Treason's Greetings, To Track a Traitor (Mordekai), Tomb of Traitors, Shrimp on the Barbie (Mordekai), Pawns of the Prawns, Run the Prawnlet, and A Debt Repaid.which finishes with talking to Lasko. Since you didn't list the quests you had completed, I am guessing that you haven't completed all the quests listed above.