Help a Swashbuckler out... with ship battles!

Dec 16, 2010
Hello everyone,

Absolutely adoring the game so far. I have a battle technique somewhat complete (no dying so far! ) but seem to be struggling with ship battles. I am level 11 and currently have the first ship, after the raft, that you're given during the game... I cannot survive a ship fight now! (Tradewinds) They board and I kill which is absolutely fine but I feel I am missing something. So any advice/techniques then please share!

Also where should I be buy my next boat/how much gold should I save? I've been a bit trigger happy training up my companions.


Jan 05, 2009
I have found many times it is just easier, but more time consuming, to be boarded and fight.

Two things to make ship combat better:
1) Buy a better ship and equipment
2) Increase your Nautical Level

Oct 30, 2009
A few tips:

1) Team up. Unlike regular battles, nautical battles are EASIER with a teammate because you have twice as many attacks. Yet you still get the same nautical XP rate! So it's really great to find a teammate and level up that nautical skill!

2) Keep your distance. Being boarded is the worst. Fight from range and strafe around your enemy (or back up, but see the next note) so they can't get close enough to board you. Remember, the goal is to blow them up and to avoid being boarded!

3) Avoid multiple enemies. If teaming up is great for you, being ganged up on is terrible for you. Make sure you're not getting close to a second enemy ship.

4) Use wind lanes. If you're getting low, it's faster to abandon the fight & heal in the wind lane than it is to be boarded. CAUTION! If you're fighting with a teammate, they can no longer attack the target. If you're teaming up, just kite the enemy while your teammate finishes them off.