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Nov 28, 2009
Hey, I was playing the other day and I came up to a store owner and I realized that we as pirates are short. Now I'm not saying we should be 8 feet tall but if maybe we could be a little taller that would be awesome. Also when I was creating my flag I had no idea that would be my companions colors. If there could be a place to change that it would be great.
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Sep 20, 2009
Yes, I have posted a long time ago about the shortness of our pirates. Notably, almost everydoor, except Monquistan doors, have the doorknob place at roughly our pirates' eye level. Also, the majority of ships have railing so tall, that out pirates would never be able to see over the side of their ships without standing on a wooden crate. I mean, as a captain you can't very well ask your first mate to give you a boost just cause you want to see where your ship is heading.

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I think the reason for the size of our pirates is that we are supposed to have that youthful childlike look to us. Keeping the younger set interested in the game ;) A hand me down from their Wizard101 game.

Regarding changing of flag designs/colors, this is definitely one of the several things that have been requested quite a few times, and is on the "list", not sure if KI is checking it twice or not! ;)

Here is a thread with the commonly requested features:

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Mar 10, 2009
Welcome to the message boards Baronozar. I also think we are on the short side is because we are not adults even though we have lots of adult responsibilities and burdens. We are just wonderkids that get to captain ships